All You Need To Know About CBD Microdosage

Microdosing allows you to get more with less

All You Need To Know About CBD MicrodosageWhether you are a beginner or an experienced CBD consumer, you certainly want to make the most of the benefits offered by this cannabinoid. With this goal in mind, the concept of “microdosing” will soon emerge. This method of administration, valid for CBD and many other substances, is considered a valuable analytical tool in the drug development process .

Microdosage has gained considerable popularity as it allows the assimilation of small doses of active ingredient over a wide period of time, instead of taking large quantities once or twice a day. Microdosing has gained notoriety thanks to the Swiss chemist Dr Albert Hofmann and his study on LSD. Subsequently, the technique was extended to the cannabinoid CBD, non-toxic and without psychotropic effects.

CBD microdosing is simple

As illustrated by Dr Douglas Jorgensen , “microdosing, in general, is a way to manipulate receptors and achieve the desired physiological response with lower amounts of substance”. By applying the concept of microdosing to CBD, one can easily guess why this technique is gaining so much popularity.

The endocannabinoid system is composed of a vast network of CB1 and CB2 receptors. These receptors are linked to organs, large portions of the brain and the immune system and regulate an enormous amount of biological processes. Through microdosing, CBD can be used to stimulate the proper functioning of the SEC, promoting a state of homeostasis.

However, each CBD consumer is different and has a different endocannabinoid system. The optimal microdose depends on the effects to be obtained, on the metabolism, on the bioavailability of the product and on many other factors. Fortunately, even if you don’t know the optimal initial microdose, you can still get beneficial effects – the secret is to find the “right point”.

How to microdose the CBD

How to microdose the CBDThe “right point” is the dose that allows you to derive maximum benefits from CBD, without experiencing unpleasant side effects. Don’t worry: the buzz does not appear in the list of undesirable effects caused by the CBD. However, some users have experienced gastric upset or mild sleepiness after taking large amounts of CBD.

The best way to assess your tolerance to cannabinoid is to start with low doses and gradually increase the quantities. Therefore, take only one or two drops of low concentration CBD oil at a time. CBD oils are perfect for micro-dosing, since they allow the administration to be divided into small drops and to monitor the effects from time to time.

If you want to try taking CBD microdoses, follow this procedure:

  • Start with 1 milligram of CBD. For our 2.5% CBD oil, this is about a drop.
  • After 45 minutes or an hour, try to assess your overall health. Do you think the CBD has produced the desired effects? If the answer is no, increase the dose by 1 milligram.
  • Repeat this procedure for 2–5 days, monitoring your overall health, sleep quality and the effects of CBD on the body.

After finding the right dosage for your needs, you can continue to use the microdosing technique (the optimal dosage divided evenly throughout the day) or fraction the ideal quantity in 2–3 doses to be taken during the day. The decision will depend solely on the reasons why you chose to use the CBD. For more information on the CBD dosage, click here .

Other factors to consider when taking CBD microdoses

Other factors to consider when taking CBD microdosesIf you take CBD regularly and want to use micro-dosing to figure out what the perfect product is for you, you should stop consuming CBD for a period. It is preferable to stop taking CBD for a few days before starting a micro-dosing regimen.

It is also important to consider the CBD product you are using. CBD oils, dyes, capsules and lotions offer different bioavailability levels. For effective microdosing, you should use only one type of product. As mentioned above, CBD oils are perfect for micro-dosing because they allow the ideal amount to be administered in drops. The drops are easier to count than the calculation of milligrams.

Considered a reference point in the drug development process, microdosing is a technique that does not need clinical studies. It is indeed a simple and effective way to get the most benefit from the CBD.


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