Pharma-Planta Statement of Intent on Humanitarian Use

This is the text of the Pharma-Planta Consortium's Statement of Intent on Humanitarian Use, which ensures that the knowledge and technology developd during the course of the project will be made available for humanitarian uses:

We, the Consortium Members of the Pharma-Planta Project, being a consortium of 39 principal scientists from academic and industrial institutions in Europe and South Africa, aim to build a plant based production platform for pharmaceuticals in Europe and South Africa. We place emphasis on positive human health and environmental impacts to ensure safety and acceptance.

We recognize the unique prospect this Project creates to have an impact on Europe and on Global Health through the responsible development of plant biotechnology.

We acknowledge that the Pharma-Planta cooperation takes many forms to be successful, including collaboration with Developing Countries to achieve the project’s objectives and to enable the achievement of Humanitarian Purposes in Developing Countries.

We acknowledge that to achieve such Humanitarian Purposes means to conduct research and development of health products for the purpose of addressing health needs of the poor in Developing Countries, and/or to make provisions to help ensure the availability of these products for the purpose of addressing health needs of the poor in Developing Countries.

We appreciate that the Program will lead to the generation of Knowledge that will be important for the development of products to address health needs of the poor in developing countries. This Knowledge may include information, copyrights, patents, designs, plant varieties, supplementary protection certificates and other forms of protection.

Therefore, we, the Consortium Members, agree that to the best of our ability, we will make Knowledge that may be created by our Program, freely available for the achievement of Humanitarian Purposes.