The types of extraction, the CBD-pros-and-cons

CBD oil is one of the most sought after products derived from hemp seed. It is 100% legal, has a very wide therapeutic application, and before that is readily available to consumers. In our blog, we have already talked about how to choose a really good hemp oil. We have repeatedly stressed that the key influence on its quality is the production process. So this time we will explain how CBD oil is produced and describe the whole procedure in stages.

The types of extraction, the CBD-pros-and-cons

It all starts with raw materials

You can implement the most advanced production methods and invest in excellent marketing, but it will not help if the manufacturer does not have access to top-class raw materials. CBD oil we get from industrial hemp (also called fibrous or simply seeded). For a responsible producer, only plants that meet strict quality criteria are important. It is primarily a high natural concentration of valuable cannabinoids (led by CBD), but at the same time low THC – that is, a psychoactive substance with a narcotic effect.

Types of cbd mining-pros and cons

Plants used to produce CBD oil must be grown in special conditions, best 100% natural. So there is no contamination of cannabis. CBD oil are exclusively from varieties successful in flavonoids, cannabinoids, vitamins and various minerals. They come from organic crops that do not use chemical defenses and synthetic fertilizers. This results in the natural composition of the plant and therefore guarantees the absence of any impurities in the final product.

Types of cbd mining-pros and cons

When searching for suppliers of raw materials, we also paid close attention to whether this crop uses methods of genetic modification of plants. Unfortunately, it is becoming quite common, even in the world of hemp fiber. The profit from GMO plants is much higher, but the price (their health) can pay consumers. This is what we demand from our suppliers.

Before purchasing hemp oil, it is always worth checking if the manufacturer officially reports the origin of the raw material.

Collection of plants
Hemp is usually ready for harvest after reaching a height of about 3-4 meters (it depends on the particular variety). This stage also has a huge impact on the quality of the final product. It is important to only work with vendors using a manual collection, not a mechanical one. Why is it so important?

Because with the help of agricultural machines, there is always a risk that the components of exhaust gases, oils and fuels become part of the plants, thereby changing their structure and biochemical. Then we are no longer able to 100% predict what will be the effect of the oil obtained from contaminated hemp.

Manual dialing has another advantage. Allows you to pre-select the best plants and abandon those that for various reasons should not participate in the further production of essential oil (this may be due, for example, to the beginning of the putrefactive process or the attack of parasites on hemp).

Quality control
Pre-selection is too small to be able to guarantee the quality of the raw materials supplied. We therefore require the cannabis growers we work with to send randomly selected plant samples for laboratory testing. They must demonstrate whether cannabis is really free of heavy metals, chemicals and other contaminants.

If the tests fall out positively, hemp-after preliminary drying-can already be subjected to the most important stage of production, namely…

Supercritical CO2 extraction

There are various methods of obtaining CBD essential oil of hemp seeding. It is important to use only the best, that is, supercritical CO2 extraction. It has two main advantages:

Supercritical CO2 extraction

Guarantees the complete absence of the need to use chemicals in the form of, for example, solvents, as a result of the final product contains only what comes from hemp.
Allows you to get the greatest amount of valuable fitokannabinoidów, vitamins BOOKMARKS, polyunsaturated fatty acids or flavonoids, so that the oil has a complex effect and has an extremely beneficial effect on the human body.
In addition, supercritical CO2 extraction reduces the temperature of the essential oil production process, which positively affects the concentration of the product’s most valuable ingredient, or cannabidiol.

It is worth noting that in Sequealae we use the whole plant-not just the inflorescence. This is a more expensive solution, but giving us the confidence that the essential oil finds everything that nature wants to share with us. The environmental aspect is also important.

At the stage of supercritical CO2 extraction, THC is also isolated and removed, so the level of psychoactive substance in the finished essential oil does not exceed the legal limit of 0.2%.

Laboratory research
Before the finished hemp oil goes on sale, it must be carefully analyzed the composition. The role of the responsible manufacturer is to make sure that the product passes to the consumer is 100% safe and meets the quality criteria. Here it is not only the exclusion of the possible presence of pollution, but also the confirmation that the claimed concentrations of CBD has a coating in the facts. Thus, we can guarantee that, for example, 5% CBD oil contains exactly as much cannabidiol – not less and not more.


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