Why Do Golf Players Hire CBD Oil?

Why Do Golf Players Hire CBD Oil?This is not the first time that professional athletes sponsor the effectiveness of CBD. Many football, basketball and even bodybuilder stars have gradually but consistently supported the usefulness of this cannabinoid. The growing interest of athletes in the CBD is not a coincidence. In 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency (AMA) removed the CBD from the list of prohibited substances. However, the use of the THC psychotropic component is still prohibited during competitions. Fortunately, drug tests are designed to detect only THC, so athletes can benefit from taking full-spectrum CBD oils. The full spectrum offers the benefits of the entourage effect and amplifies the potential therapeutic efficacy of CBD.

Returning to the playing field, many athletes express their support for the CBD and several CBD companies are even starting to sponsor major sporting events. Professional golf player Scott McCarron is very open about his relationship with CBD oil. He stated that the cannabinoid improves the quality of sleep and its general psychophysical well-being.

“I tried it [CBD oil] about two weeks later when I got home. I keep track of my sleep with a device called WHOOP. It is a device to monitor sleep and fatigue. Olympic athletes and players from the baseball and American football federation use it. For the first time during the two years that I use this device, I started taking CBD, and from the Monday I started, my sleep was in the green band, which means fantastic sleep, for seven days straight. From the first time I hired him, CBD oil helped me sleep at night. “

Why Do Golf Players Hire CBD Oil?Scott also highlights an important issue – that of taboo. The injury that links CBD to cannabis has led some athletes to limit or completely avoid the use of this cannabinoid. In reality, CBD extracted from hemp contains irrelevant amounts of THC and therefore does not cause any intoxicating effects. However, this cautious behavior is supported by valid reasons. In fact, even if the use of CBD is accepted in the PGA Tour Champions, official tournament guidelines emphasize that players consume CBD oil at their own risk.

In fact, the CBD sector is not yet completely regulated and allows companies to produce poor quality oils. If the players are not sure that the CBD has been extracted following the standards imposed by the law, they risk being positive for THC in drug tests.

Fortunately, there are CBD-producing companies that are very attentive to quality, which subject their products to strict tests carried out by independent laboratories. This provides additional assurance to athletes, many of whom never separate from their CBD oil. The skilled golf player and father of two children Bubba Watson is one of the best known athletes in the industry. In addition to hiring the CBD, it has also established a partnership with a CBD manufacturing company. He decided to consume CBD to “sleep better and maintain good physical condition”.

Why Do Golf Players Hire CBD Oil?Even at sports levels lower than those of Bubba or Scott, the reasons for taking CBD are bound to spread among golfers around the world. The secret lies in choosing a company that carefully controls its final products, an aspect that Cibdol is proud of. Cibdol performs independent tests on all its CBD oils and is also proud to sponsor this year’s Dutch Golf Open.

Although it is still early to see the CBD as an official professional sports product, the testimonials of high-level players are invaluable – as much as quality CBD oil!


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